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Academic Committee

Huang Youyi
Vice President and Editor-in-chief
China International Publishing Group

Wang Junxiao
Senior Advisory Board Member
President of Sinolingua

Han Hui
Project Director
Editor-in-chief of Sinolingua

Guo Hui
Assistant Project Director
Assistant Editor-in-chief of Sinolingua

Zhao Rongguo

Liu Jiefeng

Lu Jianming
Professor, Peking University

Li Xiaoqi
President, International College for Chinese

Wu Zhongwei
Vice President, School of International
Cultural Exchanges, Fudan University

Zhou Xiaobing
Vice President, Professor, International Exchange
College of Sun Yat-sen University

Liu Songhao
Associate Professor, International College for
Chinese Language Studies, Peking University
Mary Jane Peluso
Project Director
Publisher of World Languages
Yale University Press

Cynthia Ning
Associate Director of University of
Hawai’i Center for Chinese Studies
Director of Confucius Institute
Executive Director of Chinese Language
Teachers Association

John S. Montanaro
Senior Lector in Chinese, Yale University

David Murray
Executive Producer and Creative Director

Hugo Krispyn

Yu Xiao

Ma Jianfei
Deputy Chief Executive, Confucius Institute
Headquarters/ Hanban

Cui Xiliang
President, Beijing Language and Culture University
Secretary-general of International Society
for Chinese Language Teaching

Wu Yongyi
Vice President, Professor, East China Normal University

Sun Dejin
Professor, Beijing Language and Culture University 

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